vi is the only company to be awarded in the latest round of partner selections.

The endorsement is a boost for the burgeoning contextual video sector.

Contextual video platform video intelligence (vi) has been given recognition by Google as one of its Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP). video intelligence has been awarded for its publishing solution, which delivers video content matched to text articles.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are companies that Google has recognised as being experts in supporting web publishers with Google tools, specifically Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.

This means Google regards video intelligence as an expert at using Google products, and provides publishers with innovative solutions and services. It’s a notable vote of confidence for the contextual advertising sector as it matures.

Google awards new partners twice each calendar year, and vi Is the only partner to receive accreditation in the latest round. vi will be required to maintain their certification status by continuously meeting the program requirements which also include annual product exams.

Kai Henniges, CEO and Co-Founder of video intelligence said, “We were an early pioneer in contextual matching, and have long understood the power and value of contextual video for publishers, brands, and of course, users. To now receive this endorsement from Google shows that contextually placed videos work, and are a solution for the future.” 

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