The recent news regarding the scale of the ‘Methbot’ cyber-fraud operations was troubling, but we were glad to see that White Ops had done what they do best and halted the operation. video intelligence is proud to use White Ops to verify our inventory, so we know we’re in good hands and have not been affected.

We strongly believe that any company operating online advertising has a responsibility to deliver only genuine data to their clients. As such, we operate a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, ensuring our traffic is genuine in the following ways:

Bot fraud
To prevent bot fraud and ad injection fraud we partner with the following verification vendors: WhiteOps, DoubleVerify and IAS.

Pre-Bid Analysis
With the help of our demand partners, we analyze each ad request, so we immediately block non-human traffic and fraudulent traffic across all publishers.

Human Analysis 
We use Similarweb to manually analyze every domain and make sure they have a consistent traffic ranks.

We’ll continue to place upmost importance on blocking cyber fraud on all of our mobile video, mobile desktop and rich media inventory.