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Our insatiable curiosity led to our “Video Insights” report, where we touched upon:
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  • Connected TV
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  • Vertical video

connected TV

Advertising opportunities on Connected TV

If content consumption on connected TVs is close to traditional television, then the advertising experience has far more in common with digital and mobile media.

Typically, most VOD players will offer a pre-roll slot, mid-roll ads every 15 minutes, and a post-roll ad. Unlike linear TV, in which ad breaks can last several minutes, most ads will be shown in isolation.

That is, of course, if they run ads at all – Netflix and Amazon Fire TV do not currently show any advertising at all. Most live programming viewed on a connected TV will be accompanied by pre-booked TV ads, although advances in ad tech mean it is increasingly possible to dynamically insert targeted brand content – something companies such as Sky are exploring.

Ads on connected TV are increasingly being purchased programmatically, even if much inventory continues to be bought via managed service methods.

Very little inventory is presently available on a real-time bidding (RTB) basis, although this is expected to change in time. Some of the homepage dashboards also include inventory for sponsored content, which must be bought directly from the OEMs.

This requires additional technology support, says Reeve Luiz, senior product manager at video intelligence.

“In the mobile space the two biggest players are Apple and Google, with the iOS and Android ecosystems. If you are a publisher or distributor of content on either of those platforms, you know exactly what kind of ecosystem you are plugged into,” says Luiz.

“But when it comes to connected TV there are a whole bunch of different players, and each has its own platform, supporting its own way of getting content out there. That is a challenge, because it is pretty broken up and granular, so we customise our platform to integrate with them.”

Other challenges include the availability of inventory and overall audience size. Take the UK market: while catch-up services for local commercial broadcasters like ITV Hub and All 4 may attract millions, the vast majority of apps appeal to only niche audiences. Nonetheless, the quality of the ad experience on connected TV is beyond doubt. Advertisers can use data targeting and sequential ads to advance brand storytelling.


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