Kicking off vi, we finally get the chance to do everything right from the start. We always wanted to get most of the team together in a nice place to meet in person and discuss life and work. Working from 6 different countries and offices this has never been easy and we had separate events in each office, nice but not quite the same.

So we got everyone together in Zurich on a Sunday night for an amazing dinner and set off to Interlaken the next day. What a setting! Even the “Swiss contingent” was in awe with the scenery.

The agenda was simple enough: have some fun, discuss strategy, company values and introduce OKR (=objectives and key results) as a way to create focus and transparency across the entire company.

We kicked off with a strategy session defining our playing field and what building a predictive mobile marketing platform means to us. Our focus on mobile + video advertising + data driven prediction was obvious, but some elements were also new. We realized that building an eco- system we need scalable processes in every area of the business. We also discovered that we already have one key element in place: amazing customer service!



Then we went off rafting. Seeing everyone in neoprene and helmets was already fun, but it only got better. Nature and good paddling teamwork gave us to a spectacular ride.

The next day we went to a little mountaintop castle with a 360 degree view of snowcapped mountaintops. What a setting to talk more about what we all want vi to be.

We came up with a healthy appetite for taking ownership and empowering individuals to show courage and skill. We all hate big company politics. We love and respect our team and partners. How awesome to be able to actively shape the environment you work and thrive in!

When it was time to go home we all made a promise to do one of these companywide adventures every year. Next up is Rumania, then the Ukraine, then UK …

Thank you!


CEO & Co-Founder