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Monetize your app with video intelligence. Connect to advertisers via our JS tag or SDK.

**Limited offer: Receive a pre-payment of up to $60k and monetize your inventory with vi**

video intelligence (vi) monetizes mobile in-app inventory in US, EU and AU. We provide a self-serve interface to connect publishers with premium brand advertisers, based on a SaaS fee.
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Working with vi
We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and personal. Here’s what we offer:
  • Earn a fixed CPM rate and guaranteed monthly volume for easy revenue forecasting and planning
  • Campaigns renew each month if advertisers’ objectives are met, meaning recurring revenue
  • Dashboard with stats in real-time
  • Work on a transparent SaaS pricing model
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What do I get using the vi SDK or JS tag?
Use our android and iOS SDK to take your in app advertising to the next level.
  • High CPM, high fill rate, high yield
  • Full control of brand safety and transparency
  • Access to high demand from mobile premium brand video advertisers
  • You only pay a transparent SaaS flat-fee, with no hidden costs
  • Easy integration, full reporting suite and tech support
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  • Multi-screen HD video technology for Mweb & desktop
  • Machine learning ensures high eCPM & fill rate
  • Real time reporting
  • Fast Loading time = low latency
  • IAB compliant – VAST & VPAID
  • Auto play on any device
  • Integrated into ad server or direct into page
  • One tag for any screen


vi sources demand from a range of advertisers in North America, EMEA and Australasia. Verticals include automotive, FMCG, sports, entertainment.


vi has a rich heritage when it comes to mobile video, and we’re now also offering bespoke rich media ads, custom built for you.
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Ensure undivided attention to your brand message
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Reach new customers at scale
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Go full-out for mobile

Limited offer: Receive a pre-payment of up to $60k and monetize your inventory with vi

Publishers are invited to partner with vi to monetize in-app inventory. Take advantage of our limited offer: secure a pre-payment of up to $60k on inventory, upon successful integration of our premium mobile video monetization SDK before September 1, 2017.*
*Terms and conditions on SDK offer apply

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