vi direct buy

A programmatic advertising saas platform for mobile video. Reach audiences from our 270m Unique Users per month worldwide.


Acquire high-quality video inventory at scale. Connect directly to app, mobile web and CTV partners.

  • No UGC environments
  • No incentivized videos

We specialize in lifestyle apps (health, utilities, entertainment).

Audiences you can reach include: 270m Unique Users per month worldwide.



First party data from our direct inventory and owned properties includes device data such as Device ID, location, device type and service provider.

Third party data from our partners including: location, age, gender.


Target and build segments for demographic targeting and geo targeting.

These data points can be combined to make segments for the audience group you need to reach.

Machine learning

We optimize campaigns using our in-house machine learning. Our algorithm spots trends in conversions, and optimizes buying behavior.

We’ll work with you to train our algorithm towards your chosen KPI – CPC, CPCV or CPM.

All this happens in real-time.


We take transparency seriously, so you only pay for what you get.
Our verification partners are all best-in-class.



Our Viewability and Non Human Traffic detection partner. We use Moat to measure real time attention, so we know your ads have been seen.

iAB Compliant


All of our ad units are compliant with iab standards including VAST and VPAID.

Data validation


All audience data is approved by nielson.


vi has a rich heritage when it comes to mobile video, and we’re now also offering bespoke rich media ads, custom built for you.

vi in-stream vi in-stream active
vi in-stream

Ensure undivided attention to your brand message.

vi out-stream vi in-stream active
vi out-stream

Reach new customers at scale.

vi engage vi engage
vi engage

Boost engagement by going full-out for mobile.


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Steve Broadhead

SVP Sales

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