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Movies – ‘Captain Marvel’: Brie Larson gets in shape         

The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and with Black Panther Nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture, superhero movies are as popular as ever. Enter Captain Marvel. This clip crams in interviews with the film’s directors, as well as star Brie Larsson, alongside behind-the-scenes footage and action from the film, all in just over a minute. It’s a treat for film buffs.

Captain Marvel: TRONC / La Times

Tech – Apple on ‘Right Side of History’ in Privacy, Phil Libin Says  

Stories about Apple and Facebook are always guaranteed to get a response. This Bloomberg interview with All Turtles’ Phil Libin discusses Apple’s business model in the face of a consumer confidence wobble. Following that, discussion turns to whether Facebook can stand up to disruption, and whether the AI hype-cycle is finally over?

At seven minutes long, this is an intelligent and in-depth analysis of the current technology market, sure to make your site visitors stick around for longer.


Automotive – Nissan Expedition

Using Nissan Frontiers a group of adventurers discover hidden sites in remote parts of Brazil. Demonstrating the Frontier in it’s natural habitat, overcoming difficult terrain, as well as cruising through Bahia’s rarely seen, yet spectacular scenery – Expedição Nissan is sure to grip any fan of 4x4s, SUVs and off-roading.

Automoto TV

News – China lands on far side of the moon

2019 started in extraordinary style as China announced it had landed on the far side of the moon. This Euronews films shows the historic moment the lander made contact with the moon’s surface in all it’s glory. This is 90 seconds of unedited, intimate footage of a turning point in the global space race.


Science / Literature – Science Tweets! Andy Weir (Mars Edition)

More astronomy here, but of a different style altogether. In this Pop Sci interview, Andy Weir author of The Martian answers fan questions. It’s a veritable cacophony of topics, which includes Marsquakes, SpaceX, John W. Young, Star Trek vs. Dr. Who, Mars Rover, Space Force.. and Flat Earth. Finally, Weir reveals details of when we can expect his next book.

This clip has a broad appeal, for fans of the book or the film of The Martian, or those just curious about space.

Bonnier Pop Science

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