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Join Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Believe it or not there’s still room for joy and innocence in the world! Yes, join stars of the screen as they celebrate the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. This is a fourteen minute film featuring red-carpet interviews, and a little it of Disney magic too. Hollywood TV have done a great job on the production and it’s a film that will add a bit of sparkle to any Disney, animation, TV or movie content.

You’re Wrong About the Galaxy Fold

The new Galaxy Fold is one of the most talked about product launches in recent years. Tech and news sites have been publishing plenty of content in the run-up to launch, not least because of the recent issues with the foldable screen. That’s meant that this ten minute analysis and review has been hugely popular across our publisher network in April.

Avengers: Endgame – The LA premiere

A-list actors posing on the red carpet, it’s the entertainment and fashion content that every publisher needs. This 90 second glimpse into the Avengers: Endgame premiere is a sure-fire way to attract curious readers into watching video, and provides a perfect opportunity for premium advertisers too.

Celebrate the beauty of National Parks

America’s National Parks provide endless opportunities to marvel at the beauty of nature. This film goes behind the scenes of the making of MacGillivrey Freeman’s Nation Parks Adventure series, showing not just nature, but filmmaking in action too. At 2 minutes 15 seconds it’s short-and-sweet, and is great for travel pages in particular.

Artistic Giant Easter Eggs from Rome

Sometimes it can be hard to find new ways to create topical content around Easter time. But this film provides a fascinating insight into the creation of a series of decorative Easter Eggs based on the style of famous fashion houses. With Easter providing plenty of time off for browsing videos, this has proved a popular film with our publishers.

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