by Sal Cacciato, our Head of Sales for North America.


For the marketing industry, Programmatic I/O is on of the premiere programmatic shows. This year it had the largest turnout of all shows I’ve attended. On the agenda were all things programmatic, with an emphasis on the USA market, including (deep breath) ads.txt, fraud, mobile, video, rewarded video, programmatic native ads, data, PMPs and measurement.

I’ve pulled out five of the key talking points from the show here, which point to the direction the industry is heading.


The mobile rule

Casie Jordan, Director, Professional Services, MoPub, said that digital media usage is driven by mobile apps; a study showed that $53.4B will be spent on in-app ads by 2020. Emily Del Greco, President of Del Greco Solutions agreed, claiming that when it comes to programmatic, “Mobile is not the exception, mobile is the rule”.

We also learned From Del Greco the that most mobile RTB traffic comes from wifi. This means that people viewing programmatic ads tend to be stationary, and not on the move. How would that affect the type of campaigns you run programmatically, I wondered.


Mobile proximity

Adam Heimlich, SVP of Programmatic and Managing Director of HX said that marketers need to understand multichannel audience targeting.

Building on Del Greco’s point, he argued that marketers can define audience by their location proximity. By considering location, we can work out if a user is at work, shopping, at the post office, etc., and plan campaigns accordingly.


The natives

Dan Taylor, MD of Global Display & Programmatic, Google, showed that mobile native ads provide the best user experience. It was great to hear since our new product ‘vi stories’ is a native video ad unit.

Jana Meron, VP of Programmatic and Data Strategy, Business Insider, said “Native ads will make up over half of ad spend this year”.  A study she conducted with StickyAds found higher engagement rates resulted from native ads vs display ads. I’ve seen similar statistics a lot recently.


Single measurement SDK

Jeremy Randol, VP of Programmatic Strategy, Pandora, is a proponent of the IAB universal measurement SDK. This is a new agnostic SDK for measurement companies, that will reduce pub latency issues. At vi we’re keeping a close eye on this, as brand safety, and fraud detection is super important to us.



Ben Kneen, Director, Marketpalace Monetization, AppNexus, famously coined the term Supply Path Optimization. He explained that SPO really means getting the lowest CPM, at the lowest fees, and best access, to get the best eCPM.

I was glad that he strongly advocated ads.txt, as we’re committed to all our web publishers having ads.txt files installed.


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