The video intelligence (vi) team have now had a chance to reflect on dmexco in Cologne, and it felt like a launch party for vi. It was the biggest dmexco yet, with 50,000 attendees – and at times it felt like they were all dropping by our stand.

It was great engaging with so many decision makers in the digital marketing world and getting their feedback on what is going on in the industry.

The big takeaway for us was that ‘predictive’ is just as big as we thought and is clearly an idea whose time has come. The feedback from marketers is that they are looking for better ways of engaging consumers and they see predictive targeting as a way of doing that.


Creating ads that engage and entertain consumers – that come as a pleasant surprise rather than an unwanted annoyance – is what the marketplace wants today. And it was clear from our conversations with marketers and ad agencies at dmexco that the precision targeting the vi platform offers for mobile video advertising is a vast improvement on conventional retargeting strategies.

Indeed, dmexco confirmed that specialising in video AND mobile sets us apart.

It was clear at the show that mobile and video are both the hot areas in digital marketing at the moment. Stand after stand focused one or the other. Lots of exhibitors offered help to companies in reaching consumers via mobile, using a whole range of methods – banners, posters, SMS, MMS and video. Others were all about video advertising across channels, promising to bring together advertisers with inventory via desktop, TV, mobile and other devices.

vi-dmexco-2016-web-1000px-maria-litwa-4361The curious thing for us was that almost no one at dmexco seemed to be focused on bringing together mobile and video specifically – despite the evident power of this combination.

Not only did few other exhibitors have the same clear focus, but few offering either mobile or video services highlighted data expertise. ‘Programmatic’ was a big buzzword but almost no one else seemed to be promising predictive mobile video marketing based on solid data – our USP.

What resonated with visitors to our stand was that the predictive element – the ability to engage consumers ready to act on your message – can really make the difference in mobile video campaigns.