The following is an excerpt from our “Putting video in context – Q3 trends update” report.


Recent research has revealed that shorter video ad formats are most effective – not surprising when taking in consideration the ever-dwindling attention spans (once at 12 seconds, apparently now down to 8 seconds and counting).

The Adweek study mentioned in the previous section found that while overall, marketers believe the ideal length for any video ad would be 11-20 seconds, they overwhelmingly think pre-roll ads should be less than 10 seconds.

When asked to rate the effectiveness of different video ad formats, six-second ads came out far ahead, with the vast majority (81%) rating them as effective. The only other format that approached that level of effectiveness was interactive/shoppable video ads, which are still far from mainstream use.


video ads lenght effectiveness

Multiple studies have found that consumers are far more likely to skip an ad. According to a recent study conducted by Magna Global / IPG Media Lab19 , more than three-quarters (77%) of consumers surveyed said that skippable video ads are their preferred ad format. The second most commonly mentioned format were interactive ads (44%).

Steve Carbone, Managing Director and Chief Digital and Investment Officer at MediaCom, says that poor execution is to blame:

“I don’t know if I’d agree with the sentiment that consumers dislike [pre-roll]. But when there’s a poor execution, I do think it becomes an irritant. If that is a perception, it is because we as an industry haven’t done it well. We’ve targeted poorly. We haven’t done the best creative. And we haven’t frequency-capped it.”

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