We strongly believe that video matched contextually improves advertising for everyone: brands, agencies, publishers, and most importantly, consumers. That is why vi stories allows publishers to embed a native video player on their platform that serves editorial video based on its analysis of the page content.


We put vi stories to the test with eye-tracking research by Lumen. We asked 200 users to browse a page on The Wrap. Half of them saw a video that was matched by vi stories, the other half saw a random video. Both videos were delivered with an identical pre-roll ad for M&Ms.

We found three things that proved that contextually matched video outperforms non-contextually matched video. Here they are:


1. vi stories increases dwell time by 33%

Dwell times for video, ads and the rest of the page were notably higher when vi stories content was served. Also, noticing the video led to people spending longer on the rest of the page.




2. It increases engagement with pre-roll advertising by 42%

With vi stories content, the ad was better noticed by the user. Due to the mere-exposure effect, higher attention leads to improved ad recall and brand perception uplift.



3. Boosts perception of both brand and publisher

The findings showed that vi stories improved perceptions of both the brand and the advertiser. Viewers who saw the ad viewed alongside vi stories contextually matched video content found that M&Ms were better quality and value, and more exciting and inspiring.



Most interestingly, the halo effect spread beyond just the video, and more viewers of vi stories content thought The Wrap itself was easy to use, well put together and enjoyable to browse.



Here’s what our CEO Our Kai Henniges, said about the results: “We already knew contextual editorial content dramatically improves user engagement with advertising content, but to see that it improves engagement with other ad-content and native editorial content is fascinating. At video intelligence, we’re dedicated to helping publishers deliver great user experiences, and we’re pleased to see that vi stories delivers a strong halo effect for both brand and publisher.”

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