Kai Henniges CEO video intelligence

One of the highlights of dmexco for me was a joint briefing held on camera with myself and Hossein Houssaini, Global Head of Programmatic Solutions at Havas Media Group. Moderator Vincent Flood, Editor of Video Ad News, challenged us with some insightful questions about vi, mobile video, predictive marketing and the industry in general.

It was fantastic being asked to succinctly articulate what vi is really all about. Here is a clip where Vincent takes the direct approach, asking just why the big presence at dmexco:



Having Hossein spend some time on the stand and participate in the on-camera briefing was also a very interesting experience. He shared some great insights. Here Vincent asks if we make too much of the intimacy of mobile:


If you would prefer to take the whole 20-minute briefing in one time, just click below. You won’t be disappointed!