Why has vertical video not yet lived up to its creative potential? What needs to change? We asked experts from across the advertising ecosystem for their view.


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Rachel Moss, Head of JWT Pace:
“It is a big shift to move from filming 16:9 to vertical – and for a lot of online branded content we make, we are either adapting existing content or need to shoot in such a way that we can adapt for multiple channels. It is OK to shoot 16:9 and the re-size for 1:1, but not for vertical.”
“I think there are clear reasons why vertical has not lived up to its potential, but as we see more people consuming video mobile first and creators pushing what you can do with the format this will change.”


Isabelle Baas, Managing Partner Digital, Starcom UK:
“The fact that 94% of the time smartphone users hold their phone vertically and don’t like to turn it, especially not for ads, should have shown a big increase in vertical video advertising.
“For wider adoption of vertical video advertising, I believe we need to work towards two things. Firstly, rooting media and creative in audience insight to define communications that align what people want and brands need. The tension that sits between those two points is where media agencies can help shape the task at hand and support advertisers in reaching the right audiences with the right creative in the right format.

Steve Broadhead, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, video intelligence:

“Vertical video offers full-screen exposure. So, when 98% of people use their phones in a vertical format, it’s a no-brainer. From a creative perspective more could be done to produce vertical video, but I am not seeing a huge amount of demand.

“After 12 years working in video its refreshing  to see brands starting to shoot shorter creative for digital consumption. But this isn’t happening as fast as we would hope, which is a missed opportunity. I get the impression that there is not enough collaboration between creative and media on this point.
“Interstitial formats are perceived as interruptive for the user, but the results are astoundingly good when the content/value ratio is strong. The likelihood is people watch all the way through, so you are getting exceptional view through rates and viewability.
Programmatic buying offers huge efficiency savings, I’d love to see these passed along to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns, starting with creative.”


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