The following is an excerpt from our “Putting video in context” report.

Now commonplace on both desktop and mobile social platforms, video advertising will break out of the in-stream norm and appear alongside editorial content in slick, non-intrusive formats.

Spend on online video is forecast to increase by more than a quarter over the next 12 months as brands experiment with engaging consumers in new ways.

Though brand safety is still a major concern, particularly for advertisers who have found themselves in the middle of controversial ad placement revelations, there is a growing body of evidence for the effectiveness of online video advertising. Given the popularity of the media, with video becoming the favored way to consume content, getting advertising right on this channel should result in demonstrable engagement and returns.

Keeping to brand safety guidance and ensuring that the format, tone and targeting of video advertising have been refined for a given audience, in addition to choosing the right partners to access their technology and expertise, is where leading brands will excel.

The following 5 recommendations will help you ensure the long-term success of your video advertising efforts.



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