pay attention to consumer behavior

The fog of predictions and rumor is now clearing, and we’re starting to see some hard data, and research on the direction video is heading. The big platforms are beginning to put their money where their mouth is, too.

In this report we’ve brought together a comprehensive overview of the most recent such research. This time around we’ve included some case studies and statements from industry leaders to bring color to this data too.

In social media we see that platforms are doubling down on their video products. IGTV caught some people off-guard when it launched in June, but we should have expected more investment in video from Instagram. As we explore in Chapter 1, The platform’s owner Facebook is also exploring ways to monetize in Messenger, as well as testing out AR tools.

With so much market dominance and room to innovate, it seems that no format is safe from Facebook. That said, alternatives are emerging, and we explore some exciting examples later in Chapter 1.

Mobile is another area showing no signs of slowing, Chapter 2 shows brands are spending more on mobile ads. Meanwhile, techniques such as live streaming are producing reams of mobile video content. Close to our own hearts is the research in Chapter 3. Here we can see how context continues to play an increasingly important role in placing ads. More and more research is coming out to this effect, including a fascinating study by Ogilvy, and new research on quality environments from GroupM.

Finally Chapter 4 compares some of the nuances of different ad formats, and moves the focus towards user experience, another topic we’ve been discussing a lot recently.

All in all we can see the advertising dollars follow consumers, and respond to their behaviors. We need to pay close attention to consumer behavior, as the fate of the video advertising industry is in their hands. It feels like we’re moving in the right direction, download the report and see if you agree.


Kai Henniges,

CEO and Co-Founder, video intelligence


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