Contextual Video for Web

vi contextually matches video content, from top creators or your own team, bringing advertising opportunities to your site.

vi stories

Showcase premium video content

Get premium video content for your website.

Create a great user experience and increase time-on-site with video sourced from Billboard, CBC, The Telegraph and more.

OVP Solution

Distribute your own videos

Your team no longer need to manually find and place video content for your site - we do it for you. Instantly. Automatically.

vi's player finds and places your videos and those of approved partners, across your site. And of course, they're matched contextually.

Our player

Our video player is light and fast, and the ad server is highly efficient.

Configure and customise the video player to match your brand.

Monetize your site with high CPM ads

The revenue you make from in-stream advertising will help you keep doing what you do best.

  • 10+ prebid adapters
  • Header bidding (in-stream, out-stream and native)
  • VPAID errors eliminated in background
  • Sell via custom contextual PMPs

Stats and earnings at your fingertips

The vi stories dashboard makes it easy to keep an eye on everything.

See what content works best, create safelists, and get regular updates.