Publisher FAQ

What is vi?

vi is a mobile video SSP. We are on a mission to enable publishers’ pivot to video.

As audiences gravitate towards watching over reading, our algorithm matches video stories to text, and brands to consumers. We provide self-serve tools for publishers to captivate and monetize audiences. vi is trusted by 12’000 apps and sites.

What are the products of vi?

The best option to monetize mobile and desktop web inventory is through vi stories. This is a contextual in-stream ad unit brought to the publisher in a native player. See how vi stories works. This unit comes in medium and large player size and can be configured to float. You can use this unit even if you don’t run a video site.

Mobile in-app inventory currently monetizes best with vi moments, our out-stream unit. The background can be customized to create a native experience.

With any of these units, it’s our primary interest that you optimize your yield while keeping a great user experience.

Read more about our products.

What publishers is vi interested in?

Our strongest demand is in the US, UK, Germany and Australia, followed by France, Nordics, Benelux and SEA. Please note that outside these territories, we can’t guarantee steady demand. We focus on in-app and mobile web inventory, yet have the means to monetize desktop as well. Our advertisers are interested in diverse categories. Not accepted are sites that might not be brand safe for our advertisers. See below.

What do I do if I have a tech problem?

Please check out the FAQ whether you find an answer to your question. If not, contact our support.

How and when do I get paid?

vi does monthly pay-outs above $100, if the amount is lower it will be transferred to the next month. Make sure that your bank or PayPal details are always up to date in your vi profile.

What are the platform options?

We offer two levels to use our technology: a free tier for small publishers (less than 100k impressions per month) and a pro tier for larger publishers. The pro users benefit from more detailed reporting and the ability to set up customized private market places.

Which formats do you support?

We only accept medium placement sizes or larger (minimum width 301px for mobile and 336px for desktop).

We offer the following placements for in-app and mobile web:

         vi stories: contextual native in-stream unit
         vi moments: native full-screen (out-stream; only in-app)
         vi out-stream: medium and large player
         vi in-stream: pre- and mid-roll on video sites

How can I see my data?

You will see an overview in the vi-widget of your WordPress plugin and full real-time report in the vi-dashboard, listing placements, impressions, CPMs, revenues, and more.

What is ads.txt and why do I need it?

Ads.txt is a new method by IAB to make programmatic advertising more transparent. As a publisher, you can publicly declare the companies you authorize to sell your digital inventory and prevent unauthorized reselling. In a nutshell, you declare video intelligence as an authorized direct seller and you can make more money with us. Read more about ads.txt.

In our case, the line in your ads.txt looks as follows:, [PublisherID], DIRECT
If you gave us (or the plugin you use) the permission, this line will be added automatically. If not, please make sure, it’s there.

How do I integrate with you: programmatically, tags, SDK? 

Monetization works best through our SDK but we can also set up a tag integration for you to get acquainted with our demand. We are an SSP and don’t buy inventory on the open market place.

What is 3rd party verification and why do I have to pay for it?

We believe in full transparency and our demand partners expect it. That’s why we use best-in-class verification partners that measure viewability and ensure fraud protection and brand safety (read more). Complying to premium advertiser standards means more money for you as a publisher, and we show the related fee transparently.

Why do I get excluded from selling my inventory?

We have an obligation towards our brand advertisers to present them only with brand safe advertising opportunities.

We run a proprietary tool simultaneously assembling information from:

Google Safe Browsing
Public Malware lists
Blacklists maintained by our customers and vi
Integral Ad Science

We stringently filter out non-brand safe publishers, before integrating and in frequent audits. Publishers who don’t comply will be excluded and informed accordingly.

Can I work with you if I don’t have video content?

Yes, we have the products for you. Our vi stories introduces contextual video to create a native in-stream unit for best monetization and user experience.

Do I have to include video content for running an ad?

The best way to monetize your site is via vi stories that creates an in-stream opportunity. You can also opt-out of vi stories and don’t get contextual content, resulting in lower CPMs.

Why has my site not been accepted?

We instantly vet your domain(s) when you sign up with video intelligence and filter sites that might not be brand safe for our advertisers. We don’t accept, for example, adult content, violence, illegal content, hate speech and sites with fraudulent traffic.