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vi stories creates contextual in-stream video ad opportunities on your site

  • Introduce video content and monetize it
  • Create a great user experience and longer time-on-site
  • Monetize with in-stream video ads at a high CPM
  • Relevant, topical videos, sourced from:
billboard now-this cbc the telegraph cbc
vi stories

Your content, monetized

Your audience, engaged


Native video player
Configure player look and feel
Automatic, contextual content matching
Access vi video content feeds
Advertising supplied by vi or the publisher
Multiple language support
Fraud, viewability and brand safety reporting
A dashboard for managing your inventory and revenue
Support for ads.txt
Pay-outs via PayPal or bank transfer
Integration options: JS Tag, SDK
Header bidding and OpenRTB v2.4 support
iOS, Android, WordPress, mobile and desktop compatible

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Prove the worth of your website and gain advertisers.

Use our brand safety tool to check sites for following:

  • Genuine site
  • Viruses, malware and phishing
  • Unsafe content
  • Ad fraud and bots

vi publisher console app

Application is now available. Publishers with active accounts can:

  • View detailed reports on their domain monetization
  • See revenue figures

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