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Create in-stream inventory and monetize

Maximize the yield of your mobile apps and websites through low latency, high fill rate and high demand.

Use our self-service dashboard to manage your inventory, video player and incoming advertisements. Our vi stories format can combine content and in-stream advertising to maximize time-on-page, and eCPM.

vi stories

Use vi stories and our self-serve platform to captivate users and monetize better.
vi stories is a native player that matches the content of your site.

It increases time-on-page with relevant in-stream content and advertising opportunities. Using artificial intelligence, we analyse the content on your site to dynamically match videos to your page. Our engine also matches users to brand campaigns, resulting in engaging experiences for users, and higher eCPMs for publishers.

About the content
  • Sourced from thousands of videos
  • Optimized for quickest loading times
  • Informative, timely and engaging
  • Relevant to your content
itn reuters euronews bonnier los-angeles-times

About the player
  • Configurable to match your site colours, typography and style
  • A ready-built player easy to integrate into desktop, mWeb and in app
  • Placement appears in-text


A fully transparent solution on a flat fee. The table below shows you what you get in our entry and pro level subscriptions.

Our programmatic stack is connected to a range of DSPs and media agencies. You won’t be going through any middlemen, meaning you maximise the take-home from media.

vi stories short

Self-serve platform

Login to our platform to manage your inventory monetization. Create and traffic campaigns, select preferred demand and control your integrations.

Publisher capabilities
  • Create new inventory to monetize
  • Create and traffic your own campaigns targeted towards your own supply
  • Set priorities against demand sources

  • Download the vi SDK and ID
  • Create SDK placements
  • View JavaScript integration codes

  • View your earnings, and from which partner
  • See your DSPs, bids, win rate, requests, bid requests, impressions, clicks, revenue, ePCM
  • Compare across inventory, creative, geos, DSPs, date, time
  • Drill down into hourly segments
Platforms supported by vi mobile and CTV SDK
apple android
samsung panasonic
philips toshiba
sony lg

The vi SDK

The quickest, leanest way to monetize your app
Our mobile and CTV SDK was designed to ensure maximum compatibility, easy integration and optimal performance on all devices. It was created by a publisher team, so we know what works.

  • Quick and lean
  • Easy to implement
  • Multi-platform support
  • Optimized for ad delivery and rendering
  • Regularly updated to support new OS releases by Apple, Google and TV vendors
  • Access to great quality ads / demand
  • Managed service
  • Send unsold inventory on the open market

Features and SaaS fees

Expand the table
Feature Free tier up to 100´000 impressions pm Pro tier > 100´000 impressions pm
vi stories
Configuarable native video player
Self serve interface

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