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Viber is one of the most interesting messaging apps out there, thanks to its innovative approach to monetization. Their platform provides a great way of reaching the in-demand 18-35 audience. Below we hear more details on the history of Viber, and how they’ve developed their dynamic approach to advertising.

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Please introduce Viber
Viber is a global messaging app that freely connects users around the world with each other. With more than 800 million people on the platform and over 7 million interactions per 60 seconds, Viber gives people all over the world the ability to connect in ways that works best for them, and puts brands in front of a highly-engaged, active audience to increase awareness and brand perception.

What is the history of the company?
The idea for Viber came about when founder Talmon Marco was living in New York and dating a girl in Hong Kong (now his wife!). He was looking for a free and easy way to keep in touch using his mobile phone, and at the time there was nothing that served this purpose. And so, in 2010 Marco founded Viber. In January 2017, Viber hired a new CEO, Djamel Agaoua, to lead our business to continued success.

What’s your mission / goal?
Viber is focused on providing the world’s best messaging app to consumers, and bringing those consumers closer to brands through more engaging ad experiences. With Djamel on board, and a wealth of mobile and advertising expertise, we’re determined to maintain our user growth while driving ad revenue.Publisher of the month viber video intelligence
Who are the audience who use your product?

Viber’s audience is robust – over 800 million users and spanning across the globe. As we drill down into that audience more, we have very engaged and “high-value” users. Over 70% of our audience is 18-34, which is 88% more than other competitive messaging apps. Couple that with the tremendous engagement we see with our users—over 7 million interactions per 60 seconds

What kind of advertising do you serve?
The current advertising suite is built around two things—continuing to provide our users a freemium environment while leveraging that quality environment and active audience-base for brands. Viber’s ad types range from standard IAB ad units to high-impact, native opportunities that include our branded Public Accounts, Sticker Packs, and Discover executions—across all devices. We’ve been working with some of the largest brands and personas in the world to conjure up innovative and custom ways to best connect and transact consumers.

What type of advertising has been most successful for you and your clients?
What’s been most successful has been a holistic approach that also includes cross-promotion from our clients. Leveraging the entire swath of ad types, partnering strategically with our team to create unique ways to deliver their message, and amplifying that program across the brand’s network has delivered extraordinary results. We recently worked with Shakira to create an interactive program for her upcoming global tour that successfully leveraged various components of the Viber product and ad suite to deliver tour buzz and to drive ticket sales.

Publisher of the month viber video intelligence

How do you use data to inform your use of advertising?
Each and every user on Viber is registered. When we layer that onto the wealth of data we receive from user interactions, ads, and campaign results then we have a treasure trove of data to influence future advertising. This data not only helps us guide and recommend a strategy to clients, but also continues to evolve our offering to brands.

What does the future for Viber look like?
The future for Viber is a bright one. Everything that we do at Viber comes back to our valued users. They are not only the backbone of the product, but the key ingredient to our advertising clients’ success.

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