vi connects new publishers to our platform each and every week. With so many new opportunities for advertisers to reach targeted audiences, we wanted to give an insight into some of our publishers.

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We loved LUXIA’s unusual mobile inventory, ability to reach an in-demand audience, and the way they combine data.

If you’ve ever joined an airport or hotel wifi network, chances are you’ve seen mobile advertising placements secured through LUXIA. Now advertisers can enjoy this reach through vi.

Below, Matt Wakefield gives us more background on LUXIA, and explains why it’s such an enticing property for advertisers. If you’re interested in reaching their supply, speak to Will Black.


What does LUXIA do, in a nutshell?

LUXIA provides exclusive digital out-of-home advertising solutions for premium brands across the globe.

What is the history of LUXIA?

LUXIA started life as a media specialist with hotel hardware which included TVs and iPads in room. Today it runs media solutions for brands across global wifi networks across hotels, airports and other travel and out-of-home digital assets.

What is the goal/mission?

To provide increased breadth and depth of hard-to-reach travel audiences on their own devices.

Who are the audience who see the platform?

We reach 1 billion connections to hotel wifi per annum across all markets, mirroring the key investment sites of hotels and airports.

These are leisure and business travel audiences with varying levels of household income.

What device types do you serve ads on?

All web based mobile and desktop interfaces, various native app environments and In-Room TV.

What kind of content works best?

Video formats perform really well across MPU (mobile) and billboard (desktop).

How do you use data to inform what ads you show?

We create unique blends of first party (hotel), second party (LUXIA) and third party data (overlaying various data partners) to paint a detailed view of each member.

What is the main advantage for advertisers using LUXIA?

High performance, brand safety, valuable audiences, global reach, digital platforms, programmatic offering.

What does the future look like for LUXIA?

We’re going to see ongoing global expansion across global travel and hospitality assets. We also have new tech / platform developments to further optimise the audience value to brand advertisers.