vi stories now gives increased control to publishers, on top of existing automation features. The tool will still deliver contextually matched videos to pages, but editorial team members will now have the ability to override this and handpick videos instead.

This tool is aimed at page admins who have a set idea of the video content they want on a page. Publishers are already able to ingest their own content, but this new feature allows them to deliver it exactly where they want.

The new editorial tool offers more control; editors are able to scroll and browse through the content library to manually choose a video to match their page. Users can quickly and easily search for videos by language, category or keyword. This is in addition to existing functionality in which publishers are already able to white- and blacklist content suppliers and categories.

More features

Another new feature is the appearance of related video suggestions for users. Following a video play, four or eight further content options are offered, with thumbnails and titles. Videos also now play sequentially automatically. With more videos to watch, this increases the time a user spends on the page.

vi stories’ new features will initially be available for premium customers.