In a complex programmatic landscape of sizes, formats and deal types, vi has cut through the noise to create a clear and concise product offering.

We’ve rationalized our advertiser offer under three banners: vi in-stream, vi out-stream and vi engage. Depending on their goals, our customers can now choose one of these options, and then work with our team to implement their campaign.

video intelligence ad productsvi in-stream

These full screen pre- and mid-roll video advertising units are the best way to hero your brand. They’re available to advertisers and DSPs alike.

Marketing messages will be served on content platforms such as our sister company, Viewster, which commands a primarily millennial audience. In 2017 we will continue to add more direct publisher relationships to this pack.

Securing the best possible context and format, this format treats your brand with the respect it deserves

vi out-stream

Harness the capabilities of mobile targeting by accurately finding consumers in the app environments where they feel at-home. Full-screen interstitial video is served programmatically to whitelisted international mobile apps, including, Words With Friends and Wattpad. Formats also include small, medium and large players. If you’re looking for scale and reach, this would be a great choice.

vi engage – these units are the newest addition to the vi family. Test them out.

You’ll enjoy these interactive ads, which include touch-screen, 360 functionality and location sensitivity. They use mobile to make the most of phones accelerometers, gyroscopes and haptic sensors.

These units are launched at a time when consumers are more likely to engage with richer experiences from advertisers. Our in-house team will adapt your existing campaign to create bespoke experiences for your target audience.


Our sales team know these options inside out; they’d love to talk them through with you. We’ll be demonstrating all of our new products at Mobile World Congress 2017, beginning Monday 28 Feb. Our first-ever stand at the event is located in Hall 8.1. Meet us there, or contact Steve Broadhead to arrange a meeting from one of our international sales offices any time.