vi goes direct and releases SDK


  • SDK created to empower publishers
  • vi CEO Kai Henniges claims back media spend for advertisers and publishers
  • New focus on transparency points towards industry trend

video intelligence (vi), the shortest programmatic connection between advertisers and mobile publishers, has released a mobile video advertising SDK. The addition boosts the company’s video stack, which also contains a bidder and a campaign prediction engine.

vi is aiming to service its strong existing demand from advertisers who use vi’s tech platform to deliver video ads on mobile. Now app publishers on both Android and iOS systems can capitalize on this demand.

vi’s portfolio of publishers covers entertainment, news and social tools, and includes publishers such as Mail Online. On their integration with vi, Mail Online said, “We started working with vi in France and in very quick time, through driving meaningful increases in yield, they have become our top performing vendor in the market. We are delighted with the result.”

On top of their supply of mobile video, vi offers access to inventory that is not found on the open market place, through the video on demand site Viewster, which is fully managed by vi.

Talking about the SDK addition, Kai Henniges, Co-Founder and CEO of vi said, “SDKs are vital in enabling publishers to take control and maximize the yield from their inventory.”

“In the current programmatic landscape, each step of the value chain eats up a share of the budget that is meant to be spent on media. Therefore, it is vi’s mission to shorten the waterfall and favour direct buys using programmatic infrastructure to leverage real time reporting. An SDK connecting publishers directly to advertisers on the vi platform enables them to do this.”

vi provides full transparency on partners and flat SaaS pricing. Addressing the issue of viewability and fraud, every impression on the vi platform is vetted by best-in-class verification partners such as MOAT.

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