Let’s introduce vi’s user video engagement score.

Maximized user engagement is a top priority for publishers. Contextual video delivers just that. People like to watch videos that perfectly match with the editorial context. This sort of content is a strong factor in publishers’ quests to much higher dwell times on their sites. With video intelligence, our partners capitalize on this technology and gain additional levels of insight about audience preferences. To further enhance the experience and insights for publishers using vi, we’re introducing a clear number to measure the positive effects of contextual video content on business.

The score shows success in clear numbers

Our claim is that contextual video is a key factor to make pages more attractive to users, which increases dwell time, and which eventually pays off in terms of monetization. Data is the key to verifying our claims, and it’s important to see that contextual video works (or where improvements may be necessary). Of course we offer a lot of granular insights in our dashboard content stats, but it was time to make all this transparent in a single number: vi’s new engagement score. This is a metric of how involved with the content the audience is, from 0 to 100.

Helping partners make sense of data

“The score is easy to understand yet highly relevant for our publishers”, says Per Wicklund, Senior Product Manager at video intelligence. “We will constantly look at the data we have to further develop the measurements and help our partners make sense of the data”, says Wicky, Senior Vice President Revenue.