IDG Sweden use vi stories on their tech sites, such as MacWorld, ComputerSweden and PC För Alle. We spoke to them about how they approach monetization, and why instream video is so valuable in the mix.

The following is extracted from an interview with IDG’s Markus Ekberg (Chief Revenue Officer) and Lina Vikman (Head of Business Operations).

Monetization Strategy

We work daily to optimize each ad slot and partner that we work with.

We can be a demanding publisher to work, with because we’re looking at each and every ad slot, we’re narrowing down reporting and monetization and really taking care of every ad impression as well as pageview. This method has proven extremely successful.

IDG Sweden’s 5-point Monetization Strategy

On video

We have some of our own video production, for example, covering trade exhibitions, but not a lot. We’ve tried to get the business profitable using in-house video, but we are actually more profitable when we run a text article; video productions are quite time consuming. So as a result we don’t have the chance to run a lot of pre-roll on our sites, and reach those Instream budgets.

When it comes to choosing a partner it’s mostly about where the demand is; that’s the partner we work with. We review all our partners both a weekly and monthly and we’re not hesitant to be flexible on when we work with each partner.

Using vi stories

We had some really productive conversations with vi stories regarding implementation and it’s important for us that a new partner understand how we work in terms of yield to move forward and we felt we really had that with vi stories.

The biggest thing for us to start working with vi stories was to help us get into different bud- gets, instead of only Outstream. We wanted to bring in more revenue, which are hopefully new revenues; to supplement Outstream, rather than replace it.

So vi stories has grown to be one of our best video revenue streams.

We saw a decline in Outstream revenues at the end of 2017, so having vi stories as Instream stopped the overall video decline in revenue. It showed that it’s really important to have more than one video revenue stream to rely on.

I didn’t have any preconceptions about the content, but we got a good response: the editorial and development teams were really impressed with the matching content.