The Oscars are THE big thing in entertainment right now. There’s a lot of buzz created around the world famous event, ever-intensifying the closer we get to the 4th March.

During the past month, the internet became awash with discussions of nominations and predictions on who will be the winners. Subsequently, there will be talk of the winners and criticism of fashion exuberance.

It’s the favorite topic of discussion for all the movie aficionados out there, so it only makes sense that their online behavior reflects this.

While this year’s ceremony falls in March, search interest in the Academy Awards peaks in February each year in the US.

Oscars search volume


When looking specifically to one type of query – “the Oscars video”, there seems to be consisent demand for this type of content, even though the peak still remains in February.


the oscars video search


Same situation for the “red carpet” query


red carpet searches


While there is an abundance of top media publications creating content surrounding the Oscars, smaller publishers seem to be lagging behind. Disregarding major events eventually means missing out on the potential to drive traffic, capture audiences and increase revenues.

As an entertainment/film/fashion site, your audience expects to hear stories on one of the major events in the industry. However, in 2018, text content might not be enough for visitors to stick around.


As research points us, video is aggressively taking the lead in terms of consumers’ preferences, turning it into the top means of getting information. Video accounts for the vast majority of mobile data traffic (see our report for further info).

While Oscars videos might be easy to add to a site by embedding Youtube videos, this doesn’t allow for monetization. So why not entertain the audience by giving them the content they like, while also driving revenue?


By collaborating with top content providers, we bring the Oscars to your site, and monetize the videos with premium contextual advertising. We have a pool of fresh videos everyday, including trailers, red carpet fashion and gossip – from the following suppliers:



Check out our publishers page for more information on how vi stories works.


So who do you think will leave with the golden statuettes this year?