We know that trying out a new monetization tool can be tricky; you don’t know what to expect or the best way to make it work. So we’ve compiled a checklist to ease up the process, and help you make the most out of vi stories.


  1. Use an ads.txt file and add video intelligence

iab ads.txt

Ads.txt is an IAB initiative created with the purpose of improving transparency in digital advertising. The list is used by publishers to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory. It helps maintain brand credibility and draw in more advertising spend.

Advertisers will only buy inventory if it has the correct ads.txt file.

Ads.txt helps publishers reclaim control of their media, brand, and rate card. This means more of an advertiser’s spend can get to the domain owner through their approved sales channels, and not be wasted on counterfeit inventory. – IAB, how to ads txt


  1. Place the unit above the fold

By implementing vi stories in an area “above the fold”, users don’t have to scroll down to see the ads. This will improve the viewability. According to research from Google, the average viewability rate for “below the fold” is around 50%, while for “above the fold”, it’s over 70%.

The higher the viewability, the more demand we can win for your placements.

Many publishers think placing an ad unit at the top of the page will have a negative impact on the user experience. However, as pointed out by John Brown at Google, “when ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way, they do not annoy, distract or result in ad performance issues”.

advertising placement size

With vi stories being a contextual video player, not just an ad unit, you shouldn’t worry about it harming the experience. On the contrary, your audience will be more entertained thanks to the high-quality content it delivers. As for any changes you are doing to your site, you should keep track of the impact through web analytics tools.


  1. Set up the unit in a medium or large size

We recommend a size of 480×360 or above. Larger sizes lead to significantly higher earnings since our strongest demand comes in medium and large sizes.

Also bear in mind that video CPM rates (as any other type of advertising) vary based on geography and device, but they also depend on player size.


  1. Keep the floating unit running on desktop

The standard vi stories format comes as a “floating unit”. This feature can be disabled, but it will lead to lower viewability, hence lower fill rates. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it as floating for desktop experiences.


  1. Integrate the unit on more than one page

The more pages you place vi stories on, the more ad impressions and ad revenue for you. Ensure a consistent traffic flow to those pages, otherwise, the demand might be unsteady, leading to a low revenue.


  • Make sure your SEO is done properly
  • Use social media to promote your content
  • Invest in paid promotion
  • DON’T rely on fraudulent traffic

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