• 11 LinkedIn influencers everyone in adtech must follow August 2, 2017 - Working in tech you need to make an effort to stay educated and up-to-date – and with the rate adtech moves, it’s even more important in our sector. Technology changes so much that we all need a regular list of sources to turn to when we need to understand something new, or get the latest opinion on developments. LinkedIn is… Read More
  • Publisher of the Month – LUXIA Global July 24, 2017 - vi connects new publishers to our platform each and every week. With so many new opportunities for advertisers to reach targeted audiences, we wanted to give an insight into some of our publishers. We loved LUXIA’s unusual mobile inventory, ability to reach an in-demand audience, and the way they combine data. If you’ve ever joined… Read More
  • Behind-the-scenes of the vi SDK July 19, 2017 - Video intelligence recently released our first ever SDK, a kit which enables mobile publishers to monetize their inventory through video advertising. The development of this kit has been some time in the works, so we spoke to Senior Product Manager Reeve Luiz to find out more about its development, usage and benefits. First of all, what… Read More