• Disruption for capturing attention The paradox of seizing attention with disruption July 9, 2018 - Consumers today are bombarded with editorial, commercial and social messages through more devices and sources than ever, making it increasingly difficult for brands to engage them. At video intelligence we believe that context is the key to grabbing and keeping consumers’ attention. By delivering content based on a consumer’s current behaviour, we have seen a far greater… Read More
  • engae audience with video How and why to focus on audience engagement June 28, 2018 - The digital world is fragmenting our attention. For those aiming to gain and retain audiences’ attention, and encourage return visits, there’s a tough battle to fight. Increasingly, research has shown that video has become a must-have in your content mix, and is a great way to gain and retain that all-important attention. Furthermore, it’s a… Read More
  • psychology of advertising ‘Context is Everything’ – a film series June 21, 2018 - The film series examines the linguistics, science and behavioural psychology behind video advertising. We’ve brought together leading experts in consumer behaviour, neuroscience and advertising. We were interested in hearing their perspectives on online advertising, and more specifically, the importance of context. The films highlight how publishers can create effective environments to reach consumers with compelling content… Read More