What’s vi stories and how does it work with a WordPress plugin?

video intelligence (vi) is one of leading technology providers for monetizing apps and websites. vi stories is a video advertising and video content player.

You can seamlessly and effortlessly benefit from this solution on your WordPress site in you advertising management plugin.

By installing vi stories, you will be adding a video player to your site.

The video player will play content from a library, based on your site keywords. A video advertisement will proceed the content, when available (see below).

Watch the explainer video


Why do I want this? 

We help publishers to add video content to their site, allowing them to pivot into video advertising. vi stories provides you with video content and simultaneously makes you more money – the CPMs (revenue) from video ads are up to 10x higher than traditional display advertising. Thanks to the keyword matching technology, vi stories provides your website with video content that is relevant for your visitors.

Video ads will automatically monetize this content by sourcing advertising from our demand partners.


How does vi’s solution work?

vi stories uses artificial intelligence (powered by IBM Watson) to match relevant content to your website. Once you integrate the vi code into your website, this is completely automated.

At the same time, vi connects the video player on your website to relevant advertisers though our existing channels.


What will I earn?

The CPMs (revenue) from video ads are up to 10x higher than traditional display advertising. Still, it’s impossible to predict your exact earnings: those depend on your website traffic, quality, and region of users.


Does this offer work worldwide?

video intelligence is specialized to empower publishers in North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. If the majority of your users are outside of these regions, you may still sign up with vi, but performance may not be as profitable.


How long will it take for the monetization to start once I’ve integrated vi into my website? 

Once you integrate the code to your website, you’ll trigger the process of connecting to advertisers. Depending on the region your traffic is coming from, you can roughly expect to begin seeing advertisements (and receiving revenue) in the following times:

estimated time for demand