We’ve living a period of high sensitivity in terms of where advertisers’ messages appear. Understandably so, given the negative impact out-of context or interruptive advertising can have on brand perception.

So here are 7 tips on how to ensure brand safe placements.

1. Ensure the publisher adheres to the IAB’s LEAN standards, which are designed to make ads lighter, encrypted, ad choice-supported and non-intrusive.

2.Work with JICWEBS-recommended companies. Industry body JICWEBS outlines best practice in viewability, brand safety and fraud. They certify publishers and tech companies that adhere to their standards and are regularly held to account through audits of their efforts.

3. Take advantage of initiatives like the IAB’s ads.txt scheme to ensure your brand is using authorised publisher inventory.

4. Use trusted publishers that are accurately tagging their content in as much detail as possible to ensure that the ads appearing next to it are as relevant as possible.

5. Ensure any agencies working with your brand have dedicated resource to protect their brands online and use trusted technology and publisher partners. Ask for regular updates as to what they are doing to ensure brand safety.

6. Have guaranteed brand safety written into contracts with agency and tech vendor services.

7. Consider whitelisting approved ad partners, and avoid focusing on price over premium inventory.


We recently launched a free tool that allows you to check websites for brand safety. Add in your details and the domains to verify and we mail you the results.

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