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Van Dyck x vi coffee
Van Dyck x vi coffee
News | Dec 22, 2021

Van Dyck x vi coffee colab

At vi, our products are powered by more than just machine learning and our developers – at the heart of them is a love of good coffee.

In our offices the coffee machine is the heart of our operations, and we only like to put the best in them. So for our client gifts in 2021 we approached our local coffee roastery, Van Dyck. 

There are many reasons we love Van Dyck, not least that all of their beans come from fair trade or organic cultivation. They taste amazing, too, and whenever we’re in our office in Cologne we make sure to swing by one of their delightful espresso bars.

Van Dyck is named after baroque painter Anthonis van Dyck, and was founded by Monika Linden and Martin Keß in the former salon on Körnerstraße in Cologne.

Of course, Cologne is not only the heart of our DACH operations, it’s also home of our industry’s most important event – DMEXCO, and we’ll be at DMEXCO in force in 2022. So we can’t think of a better place to create our very own coffee.

In a nod to our own tagline, the coffee we co-created is called Coffee is Everything. So, if you’d like to sample our blend, get in touch with our team to arrange time to talk – over coffee of course.