why Context is Everything

Report | Dec 13, 2021

Measuring contextual vs. non contextual video

vi worked with research company Lumen and a leading coffee brand to determine the impact of contextual environments on ad effectiveness. Known coffee machine owners were divided into three groups:

One group received an ad for the coffee brand out of context, where only the ad was related to coffee. 

Another group received a pre-roll where the article was about coffee but the following video content was unrelated to coffee.

The third group received a completely contextual experience where the article, pre-roll and video were all coffee related. 

The results clearly demonstrate the importance of context when it comes to delivering effective advertising.

  • Brand recall was 62% in the completely contextual environment group
  • It was 56% in second group 
  • Brand recall stood at only 42% in the first group
  • 52% more people recalled seeing the pre-roll when matched contextually

    Read the research here.