Reeve Luiz video intelligence

Video intelligence recently released our first ever SDK, a kit which enables mobile publishers to monetize their inventory through video advertising. The development of this kit has been some time in the works, so we spoke to Senior Product Manager Reeve Luiz to find out more about its development, usage and benefits.

First of all, what is an SDK?

An SDK enables an app developer or publisher to integrate vi as a monetization partner natively on either iOS or Android.

Since an app is quintessentially made up of native code on a device, having a native SDK means little to no extra development for the publisher, minimizing the time it takes to start monetizing (aka showing ads) in their app.

How did we build the vi SDK?

The vi SDK was built using best-in-class methodology to ensure maximum compatibility, easy integration and optimal performance on all devices.

The technology in the vi SDK is on-par with the bigger players in the market, if not better.
video intelligence SDK development team kiev

What makes the vi SDK unique

It is:

  • Quick
  • Lean
  • Easy to implement
  • Multi-platform support
  • Optimized for ad delivery and rendering
  • Regularly updated to support new OS releases by both Apple and Google

Why should a publisher chose to integrate vi SDK?

Other than the great functionality described above, they benefit from vi’s existing tech stack, heritage and experienced team. This includes:

  • Access to great quality ads / demand
  • Managed service
  • Backed by a company that started off as a publisher and understands publisher pain points
  • Self-serve SSP (forthcoming) will provide enhanced functionality to publishers
  • Ability to send unsold inventory on the open market

Who did the team who worked on this consist of?

The team is pretty diverse in their skill-set. It included a UX/UI designer to help with the player look-and-feel, a dedicated iOS/Android architect and a dedicated QA engineer.

This team was helped by what we call the CORE engineers who helped sculpt the server side technology that marries the SDK to our platform. 

video intelligence SDK team

What was the biggest challenge in creating the SDK?

vi engineers spent a lot of time optimizing the SDK so that it executed using minimal system resources – ensuring maximum compatibility. This translates into a great experience for the users of an app.

But the biggest challenge in developing an SDK is always ensuring it runs as desired, irrespective of the app or device it’s running on. For example, an older Android device might not have the latest hardware, yet our SDK shouldn’t slow down the device and the user experience.

Did our developers come up against any bumps in the road?

We developed our own logic to cache ads so that they can be played on-demand (versus streaming). This applies to any kind of demand ranging from direct video ads to VAST tags.

This was the toughest element of our build, but the benefits are massive.

To implement the vi SDK, fill out the contact form.