Contextual video for advertisers

Reach unique inventory with contextual targeting on in-stream video.

Reach your target audience on mobile web, desktop and in-app, with news, entertainment and viral content sites. Reach audiences based on custom PMPs including: Entertainment, News, Lifestyle.

Publishers include:

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vi stories

Our most popular technology delivers contextually relevant content and advertising to publishers. So you know your audience is going to be engaged with your advertising.

Best Video Marketing & Advertiser Platform

Best Video Distribution Platform


We take transparency seriously, so you only pay for what you get. Our verification partners are all best in class.



Our Viewability and Non Human Traffic detection partner. We use Moat to measure real time attention, so we know your ads have been seen.

Fraud prevention


We trust IAS to ensure that all of our ads are delivered in brand safe environments.

iAB Compliant


All of our ad units are compliant with iab standards including VAST and VPAID.

JICWEBS certified

GDPR compliant

We target people based on the content they’re interested in, not their profiles. Because users are targeted with contextual video, we don’t retain any data.

Google Chrome Blocker proof

Our vi stories unit places video against content users have chosen to watch. It doesn’t get blocked by adblockers like Chrome.

Check websites for brand safety

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