video intelligence

Our philosophy

We believe context is everything.

The media can be overwhelming; it’s hard to know what’s what when you’re bombarded with information, constantly. So we strive to create video moments that make sense.

By enriching videos with data we are able to give them context. And context brings meaning, relevance and consistency.

That’s why we’re fully invested in the power of contextual video.

Our story

From our early origins as a video streaming platform, we knew that video content was going to be a fundamental part of the internet. But we didn’t know how.

We’re Swiss at our heart, so we’re really, really into things like common sense, efficiency and making everyone happy. That was our mission when we started out vi – we wanted to create a way for video to live that benefitted everyone.

And we’re still trying. From our HQ in Switzerland, to our long time engine rooms in Romania and Ukraine, and newer outposts in the USA, South East Asia and Germany, we’ve maintained the believe that there is a way for video to create media ecosystems that make sense...
and that users enjoy.

The vi family

When you work with vi, you’ll get to know us pretty well.

We're dedicated to what matters to us – creating video moments that make sense.

We’re product-focussed – our Tech and Ops teams are at the heart of what we do. And our clients benefit from close connections with our Customer Success team: so the person who first connects to you, is also your go-to for any further enquiries. They stay present for your entire contextual video experience.

From our HQ, just minutes from Lake Zurich, we bring a Swiss approach runs to all we do – we’re big on attention-to-detail, technical excellence, and designing impeccable experiences.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, our friendly approach, and being easy to work with. If you decide you’d like to join our team, partner with us, or become a customer, we’re sure you’ll agree.