If you’re working in tech, you need to make an effort to stay educated and up-to-date – and with the rate adtech moves, it’s even more important in our sector. Technology changes so much that we all need a regular list of sources to turn to when we need to understand something new, or get the latest opinion on developments.

LinkedIn is one of the best resources to find adtech insights, so here are the influencers the team at vi recommends following.

Influencers in adtech

1. Greg Blackman

Greg Blackman, CEO & Co-founder at Bidfluence, is followed by over 8,000 other LinkedIn users for his thoughts on the advertising tech industry. He often shares news and comments on recent adtech acquisitions, Bidfluence’s newest videos, and thoughts on new advertising metrics.

2. Timothy Whitfield

With over 6,000 followers, GroupM’s Head of Operations and Technology, Timothy Whitfield releases regular content on LinkedIn to keep them happy. He’ll keep you updated with the “Ad-Tech Share of the Day”, his comments on industry trends, and even what he learned by participating in LinkedIn’s Influencer program.

3. Rachael Lonergan

Rachael Lonergan is the Founder of Can Do App, boasts over 1,000 followers, and has an extra credit to her name as a Top Ten LinkedIn Agency Influencer since 2016. She publishes a lot of great content on LinkedIn about workplace trends and culture, the advertising industry’s potential problems, and like most of us a year ago, Pokemon Go.

4. David Yuan

Technology Crossover Ventures’ General Partner David Yuan has about 5,000 followers on LinkedIn and decades of experience in the industry. On his LinkedIn page, he shares interviews with leaders at other successful tech companies, like Zillow, ExactTarget, and Freshdesk, as well as his own thoughts on the adtech environment.

5. Arianna Huffington

A media powerhouse, first as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Huffington Post and now Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and thought leader on workplace culture, Arianna Huffington has attracted a large LinkedIn following of over 5.5 million. She regularly publishes in-depth content there with tips for your career and leadership, as well as sharing new content from Thrive Global that can inspire those in adtech to be more mindful around work habits.

6. Melissa Parrish

VP, Group Director at Forrester, Melissa Parrish has also worked with companies like AdExchanger and Time Inc., earning over 1,200 followers on LinkedIn. She shares new industry research and information from Forrester that will help you stay up to date on adtech and other new technologies.

7. Randall Rothenberg

As the President and CEO at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Randall Rothenberg is a must-follow for anyone in adtech, which is why he has over 60,000 followers on LinkedIn already. Follow him for thought leadership from one of the literal leaders of the industry.

8. Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock is the former Vice Chair at GE with 600,000 followers on LinkedIn and has also worked on the digital media team at NBC Universal. She publishes long-form articles on LinkedIn Pulse, so follow her for her insights on working in tech and the accompanying culture.

9. Steve Rubel

Edelman’s Chief Content Strategist Steve Rubel is active on LinkedIn with career advice for anyone in adtech. From sharing what’s going on at Edelman (like free webinars you’d want to attend) to publishing original content about the state of online media, his LinkedIn content should be in your feed, along with 200,000 others.

10. Randi Zuckerberg

With over 600,000 LinkedIn followers, Randi Zuckerberg of Facebook, Dot Complicated, and founder & CEO Zuckerberg Media is worth following for yourself. She frequently shares interviews with other women in business and tech, as well her thoughts related to her own company, like why she’s launching her latest venture in Tennessee.

11. Rob Norman

As an Independent Director and Adviser, and former Chief Digital Officer at GroupM, Rob Norman works around and with some of the smartest people in the industry, and is likely just as smart himself. With 285,000 followers on LinkedIn, he regularly talks about hot topics like programmatic, mobile trends, and ad fraud.


And while you’re boosting your LinkedIn, add vi’s Founders Kai Henniges and Jorg Boksberger too.